Project Whealth

In today’s fast paced world staying healthy can be challenging. The societal shift of 20th century heralded the change of work style and lifestyle across the world. In particularly highly populous third world countries welcomed the change and are paying the price in form of illness. Today most diseases are caused by sedentary lifestyle that reduces blood circulation, natural body cleansing or otherwise leading to overload of toxins and neuro-immuno and hormonal dysfunctions. Though the scenario is understood by all, there is no ideal solution to counter the lifestyle disease without changing the lifestyle, as today it is highly impossible to even think of people setting off to work with a plough to the field in order to make body agile and healthy. So our Our Chief Patron Mr. J. Agnishwar want to open the floodgates of healthy life to one and all with the simplest of methods. He has written the book “Lazy ways to Stay Healthy”, by synergizing his 15 plus years of experience in health management as him being an International Swimmer who has won many coveted titles.

The book deals with the minor tweaking to be done with the lifestyle which vouches for a positive change in one’s life. The book would be a joyful ride not just for the health enthusiast but to anyone who reads because the book discloses the easy ways to stay healthy in the laziest ways they can be applied. Agni Foundation accredits the literary work and takes immense pride in publishing the book. The book can be bought from all the leading book stores and also be ordered here. The free copies of the book can be had by filling the form below.