Why Project Identity?

Almost all of us think of helping an NGO only on a few occasions like birthday, wedding day etc. And obviously the organisations that are already known to us will always be the natural choice. The most prioritised ones are those located in the close vicinity. Are the ones close by us deserve our aid and grant, that too in a nation that has over 18.5 Millions NGOs nurturing the dreams crores of dependents? No is the simple reply, that came after Agni Foundation’s meticulous research through its Relationship Managers and volunteers. Have each one of us been provided that time to do the scouting, it will be a cumbersome process to identify an NGO who is running a deaf and dumb school in another district or what about another tone in the same locality but you have never heard of or never even knew they existed? Such organization needs awareness, an identity. In today’s world nothing creates the boundary less identity easy and effective like an online website. A digital identity to make themselves more reachable for noble society to help. That is what we are doing: Placing Every NGOnline.

We agree the society has their own problems, but we can guarantee nothing compares to the stories of these fine human beings at these 300 NGOs who are fighting everyday but still with a smile on their faces. We at Agni want to bring those powerful stories of the battles these special gems face in their daily lives in to your lives. Gone are the days where you will have to visit the orphanage to see what is happening there. We are revolutionising the way awareness is being created by video documenting each and every one of the 300 NGO we have planned to impact and create a digital identity so that you as the public will be able to get into their lives from your home. See the videos and the small goals of such underprivileged children, adolescent, disabled, diseased, poor and old. If you feel like they need your help, go directly and help them. We are just your online directory where you have such wide variety of amazing stories where you can be a light at the end of the tunnel for those people. Help them to keep up their smile.

Join project identity, don't donate to us, just watch the videos and help the ones who have truly moved you.

Motto: To place every NGOnline and create a new channel for funds to NGO from places may be geographically impossible to reach. Project Identity’s motto extends further in identifying the most deserving NGOs in notifying their presence to the world by the effective usage of Social Media channels.

Vision: To identify and help every NGO through digital integration, so they do earn appreciation for their selfless service they are rendering and open the right funding portal to ease the benefits coming from the out of the nation source.

Mission: Make it possible to every NGO to have their own website and social media channels whereby integrating media to ensure a better life to the needy people living at the NGOs.

List of NGOs placed online:

  • PM Trust
  • Anbalayam
  • Rojavanam
  • Dejaswee
  • INFORM Home
  • Anbu Illam
  • Krishna Home
  • Yerimalai Trust
  • New Life Trust
  • Karunalaya Trust
  • Melvin Jones Home
  • Compassion Charitable Trust
  • Sri Thayumanavar Old Age Home
  • Helping Hearts Trust
  • Venkateswara Educational and Rural Development Trust
  • RH Hr.Sec.School For Physically Challenged Children
  • Jesus Love of Miniscery & Children's Home
  • Bharathi Women Development Centre
  • Aranthai Annai Handicapped Trust
  • Holy Heart Home
  • Organization for Rural Development
  • Rosi Foundation
  • Concordia Boys Home
  • Oxford Charitable Trust
  • Mahaveer Illam
  • Sri Saratha Devi Anbu Illam
  • Chitralaya Children Home
  • Avvai home & Orphange for girls
  • Rural educational & community Trust