In search of heart in hues


After taking an emotional sojourn through the 2000 charts drawn by the Children at various NGOs we came to know that “Art is not just delivering a report on reality, but it is an undeniable communication that compels the onlooker to keep looking at what’s behind something”. Agni Foundation incepted this Project to identify hearts in the art laid on a paper by the young and old inhabiting the visiting NGOs. It is our sincere effort to spot the need, dream and hope of NGO inmates through the hues, saturated colours and even blurred lines. Admittedly every stroke of these kids may not be stroke of genius of master painters but this is a medium of expression for the people who expect our act of generosity. A pictorial way of identifying those unknowns. Who knows there could be some Rembrants, Picassos and Ravi Vermas who could need your support to create finer strokes of perfection in their canvas of life. Being the marvel of creation, we humans need a spark of thought to create and emotion. That’s where our Project Heart delivers.

Immersing just a few moments on the graffiti of the kids one can help but to draw a comparison with the beauty and splendour of the world itself, the mountains and valleys, the clouds and waterfalls, the trees and flowers, and all other manifestations of beauty and bliss coming alive with young kids deft strokes will surely resonate a call for action in our minds. The young Kids whom we reached out through our Project Identity program have come up with thousands of visual stories which even words can’t express. We have posted those fine gems in our gallery. All we request from your gracious good self is to just stop by a few seconds to view those charts and we are sure you won’t stop yourself from being moved by those innocent expression of these kids. At Agni Foundation, in our pursuit of identifying the expressions of excellence through Project Heart, that will kindle not just the aesthetic sense with but also opens up heart for the pure hearts at NGOs.