Project Echo

Echoing the concerns of our Eco-system admittedly the best time to plant a tree was two decades ago, but the second best time is today. Yes, that is the very objective of Agni Foundation’s Project Echo. The twenty first century has seen mightier advancement in all technological frontiers. We have now marked our foot print on moon and aiming for interstellar travel across the time and space. But are we being accountable to the mother earth that has left all her resources open so we could find more in discovering how to customize the resources. Alas, the mankind’s greedy process of discovering earth resources has actually exploited her. An alarming fact is, when the last leaf of the last surviving tree fall, they also brings down all hopes of mankind to breathe oxygen. A 5th grade text book tells, trees absorb carbon-dioxide and give away oxygen for human to breathe and oxygen is required to make every cell in our body to move. All of us must be aware but we have been habitually nurturing the habit of selective ignorance - knowing the fact but unaware of the consequence. We can breathe O2 now our kids too but what about our grandchildren, who would be our own posterity. The attitude what we as a human being possess today will never qualify us a good grandparent.

Certainly If we are not waking up from the selective slumber, certainly we won’t be running short of Gadgets and Automobiles but we will run out of food and oxygen. Not surprisingly, we will return to the age of nomads in search of food, life we come to a full circle with humanity as such. The Artic is melting, Equator is sweating, Monsoons are Failing, unexpected twists and turns on climatic forecasts… all because we as mankind are taking away the green cover from the earth. Gone are the days World is perceived as a Green Carpet on Blue Ocean. The God’s palette is running out of Green hue. Contemplating the facts of bygone days, what we have today is the effect of yesterday, be it individual or societal. We can’t undo the past, but we can promise a future, we can exercise our commitment towards earth. Most importantly we can withhold the judgement of nature on humans. If only we can add some more green cover over the world. Precisely that’s what we are doing at Agni Foundation, we are En-greening the Environment. In resorting the green cover of Earth, we have planted 1200 Saplings in collaborating with NGOs of our project identity program. Now, we have a plan in place, all we need now is eco-conscious individuals and volunteers to join our mission of En-Greening the environment.

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