Majority of our country’s population lies in rural areas. We all are very much aware about the situation of rural areas in our country, there are no proper facilities regarding transportation, medical aids, safe water, electricity, hygiene and most importantly sanitation. Sanitation is always one of the major concern. In rural and villages, people faced difficulty regarding sanitation. Each house in villages does not have access to toilets or bathrooms. Women and girls faced more problems when it comes to meet their personal needs, there is no safety and privacy.

The importance of sanitation goes beyond health. Sanitation helps to make people feel safe and comfortable. It is one of the major needs of the people living in rural areas.

Our Government have taken many initiatives, by building toilets in interior villages for the people. Due to the initiatives by our Government, there have been an increase in lifespan and improve in quality of life in rural areas over the past years. But there are still more villages which has to be reached.

But even though after the construction of toilets, people still do not make proper use of it, they lack behind in maintaining it well and thus, the effort goes in vain. Therefore just the construction of toilets are not enough but further effort should also be taken, like creating awareness about the importance of using proper sanitation and the benefits of maintaining it well.


Our organization, Agni Foundation has been working with different villages in Tamil Nadu. After the proper analyzation done by our team members, there was a need felt for proper sanitation in these two villages (Alathur and Ariyanoor), after which an immediate initiative was taken to improve the life of people in the particular villages.



ALATHUR VILLAGE: Alathur is a Village in Thiruporur Taluk in Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It is located 63 KM towards East from District headquarters Kanchipuram, 4 KM from Thiruporur, 48 KM from State capital Chennai. It is a remote village surrounded by factories and industries. There are around 300 houses in the village, people in this village mostly work in factories and industries. The village is very much connected to the city and have access to transportation, medical facilities, primary schools and electricity.

Though the village is predominantly surrounded by factories and industries, the background and lifestyle of the village is still very backward, there is no proper sanitation facility which give raise to unhygienic living condition in the village. People, mostly women and girls find it difficult when it comes to meet their personal needs, there is no safety and privacy.


Ariyanoor is a small Village/hamlet in Andiyur Taluk in Erode District of Tamil Nadu State, India. It comes under Brammadesam Panchayath. It is located 32 KM towards North from District headquarters Erode, 4 KM from Andiyur, 392 KM from State capital Chennai.

It is a very remote and backward village. Their main occupation is agriculture. There are around 200 houses, they have no proper facilities regarding transportation, and people have to walk about 2 km to reach the bus stop in order to catch the public transport. There are two primary school in the village, around 50 children and with only one or two teacher. Even students have to walk couple of kms to reach the school. There is no medical facilities, no PHC (Public Health Centre) in the nearby area, so they have to walk and travel a long distance.

Regarding sanitation, the village is far more very backward. There are no toilets at all in the village. Hence, the lifestyle and health of the people in this village is very poor.


Keeping in mind the objective of Swachh Bharath Abhiyan, our organization collaborated with Amrutanjan Health Care for a noble cause, for the construction of toilets in two villages in Alathur village and Ariyanoor village. Totally around 36 toilets were constructed in this two villages, out of which 24 toilets were constructed in Alathur village whereas 12 toilets were constructed in Ariyanoor village.

The organization was funded by Amrutanjan Health Care, for the construction of these toilets.


After the construction of toilets in these two villages, there have been an improvement in their living condition, in and around the villages as a whole, now women and girls feel safe and secure when it comes to meet their personal needs. The health status of the people is also improved, they have become more aware about the importance and benefits of keeping a healthy surrounding and environment. Hence, they are making proper used of the toilets and they have been maintaining it very well.


Further initiative is taken by conducting a periodic assessment of the toilets in order to ensure its conditions and usability among the village households.

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