Disability is a deformity in the body that caused the malfunctioning of the human body. It is an impairment that limits the physical, mental or emotional activities, and restrict participation. An activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations. Overcoming the difficulties faced by people with disabilities requires interventions to remove environmental and social barriers.



In our Indian society, people who are born with disability are often looked down and treated badly. There are people who are still very backward and follows myth which are not true at all. They think that it is the fault of a person if he/she has a disability, curse from God on him/her because of his/her bad deeds. The truth is, the person is not responsible for his/her own disability, and instead it is caused by some hormonal disfunction in the body.

There are parents who just abandoned their children who have disability, out of shame. They hide their children inside their homes and never let them get socialized with the outside world because they think that it will bring disgrace and shame to the family. And it is very sad to know that they are often neglected and deprived from love, care and affection.

Though they are living with some disability that does not make them different or secular from the rest of the population. Their needs and wants are the same as yours and mine, they need to be equally accepted in the society, they need love and care, most importantly a support from us and the society.

There are many NGOs and Voluntary Organizations who works for the welfare and betterment of differently abled people.


Our Agni Foundation has identified many NGOs in Chennai through Project Identity and collaborated with them for several social causes. This year 2016, our organization has come up with something new and different.

Agni Foundation collaborated with Radio Mirchi for a social cause, took the visually impaired students for a movie in Sathyam Theatre. One may think how it is possible to take visually impaired people to a movie theatre when we know the fact that they won’t be able to watch. But we had made it possible and took 600 visually impaired students to watch KABALI on 20 August 2016, they were accompanied by Volunteers of our Agni Foundation. We believe that though they are visually impaired they can still have fun and entertainment like the rest of the people, each and every screening was well narrated to them by a narrator. The children enjoyed the visit and had fun.


We got a whole lot a positive feedbacks from the students after the movie. They were entertained and they had fun, it was something new that they have never experienced before.

It feels good to know that our little effort could give them some amount of happiness that they truly deserved for.

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