Project Animal Welfare

People for Cattle in India (PFCI) is a Chennai-based Non-Governmental Organization formed by animal lovers who are determined to promote animal welfare and prevent any form of animal cruelty.

Their aim is to create awareness and a social climate where animals can live peacefully sans exploitation and cruelty inflicted upon them by humans.

Several awareness programs are organized and conducted in schools to educate youth on the cause of animal cruelty and abuse, its prevention, adopting pets and supporting and volunteering at animal shelters.


IN COLLABORATION WITH PFCI (People for Cattle in India)

Apart from providing social services to mankind and society, Agni foundation also work the welfare of Animals. Like mankind, animals are also living being whose lives are precious and need to be protected.

Man can protect himself from all sorts of dangers, but animals are not like man who can protect themselves from any form of dangers they are vulnerable and have no protection.

So, it is the responsibility of a mankind to protect and rescue the animals from any sorts of abuse or violence.

HUMANITY IS NOT ONLY RESTRICTED FOR HUMANS ALONE, Agni Foundation had shown this during the Chennai Flood where rescue and relief operation was done for helpless and street animals (cattles, street dogs )who were also affected by the flood and this work is been carried even after the flood. Agni foundation joined hands with PFCI and have implemented to do the same in a more effective way. Our Agni foundation crew members and PFCI members together, in and around Chennai city rescue the street dogs, performed medical checkups, vaccinated them and tagged around 20 dogs 10 cows.


Agni foundation has also taken further initiative to ensure protection for street animals. By making sure that proper awareness is spread about animal welfare to the people and educate them that even animals have the rights to live peacefully just like human being.

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