Pay with your TIME not with your MONEY

Get Involved


Agni Foundation strongly believes in the power of Youth because our nation has majority of its population belonging to Youth category. Be it ethical, moral or economical change, the Youth force are carrying the ideals forward. Not surprisingly, Agni Foundation’s objectives are too tied up with the contribution of socially conscious youngsters who aspire to paragon a positive change in the society.

To carry our mission further, we are looking for volunteers to help in reintegrating the NGOs that require interventions and funds to ensure health & happiness of the inmates and most importantly to ease their transition into the mainstream society. Volunteers can help us in various ways by participating in our programs such as finding donors for basic necessities, healthcare, empowerment, education and finding alternate source for income, leadership training and life skills development for the deserving NGOs. Most importantly we require active participation of volunteers in conducting donation drives for NGOs